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For over 25-years, Ayrlett has been dedicated to engineering and manufacturing the very best specialty plumbing products on the market.


Wash Boxes



Fire Rated

Ice Boxes

 And although our product offering has changed over the years, our focus hasn't. We pride ourselves in providing top quality american made products that are built to last. We stand behind our products and know you will too. 

                Give us a call when you are ready to order!                   

RV Owner replacement valves

I) Identify the correct part. There are 2 sizes, 1 1/2" and 1 1/4". Replacement parts come in White PVC and Black ABS.

2)Looking at the cap, the 1 1/2" product says "Sewer Vent DO NOT REMOVE". The 1 1/4" does not have this language. Additionally the 1 1/4" says "Ayrlett 6" across the middle of the cap. 

3) Check Amazon Availability

4) Other purchase option go to

5) Use the paypal option. You DO NOT need a paypal account.  


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. American Made 

Our manufacturing plant is in the beautiful state of Idaho. We are working hard everyday to only use Made in the USA components. We hope you will also support this effort by making this part of your buying decisions. We make sure our products are built to last.

2. Affordability

We don’t care about having the biggest name in the business; we only care about providing our customers with the very best products.

 3. Quality and Service

We are a smaller company and pride ourselves on being customer driven. You will find us easy to work with from our customer service, pricing, product quality, to our quick delivery times. We test every valve or arrester before it ships. We test 100% rather than batch testing.


If you have bought Ayrlett in the Past, Thank you! If you are deciding between us and another company, choose Ayrlett, you won’t be sorry you did.

4. Innovation 

We work hard every day to bring you top quality products that push the envelope in innovation. We continuously come out with newer and better products you can be happy with and fit into your budget.


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