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Welcome To Ayrlett

For the past 30-years, Ayrlett has been dedicated to engineering and manufacturing the very best specialty plumbing products on the market. And although our product offering has changed over the years, our focus hasn’t. We don’t care about having the biggest name in the business; we only care about providing our customers with the very best products.

We are working hard everyday to only use Made in the USA components. We hope you will also support this effort by making this part of your buying decisions. We are a smaller company and pride ourselves on being customer driven. You will find us easy to work with from our customer service, pricing, product quality, to our quick delivery times.

Today the American manufacturing industry faces its own struggle for life and independence. Many manufactures and suppliers have given up on America and have fled to places like Asia for cheap manufacturing.  They are surrendering because the fight is too hard.  Ironically, many of these importers are making significant short term profits while watching the long term destruction of our country’s future. Ayrlett has committed it's future to the belief that innovative products can still be made in America.


In 2014 JB Products became our national  wholesale sales arm. Thus Ayrlett Inc, became Ayrlett LLC. Our focus on innovative products that are Made in the USA has not changed.

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